The Net Loft, Mullion Cove

A quaint little cottage?   This little building at Mullion Cove is probably amongst the top photographed places in Cornwall...   Let's be honest, it's difficult to take a bad picture of the net loft so it's easy to see why.   The little net loft, also known as the Fishermen's Cottage down the cove [...]

Five Reasons to make Fish Festive

Apart from a bit of smoked salmon, fish doesn’t really get a look in at Christmas. Here’s why we think it should… Tradition   To us Christmas is all about turkey, which, as we’re an island, seems a bit daft to some of our European and Transatlantic friends. Take Italian-Americans who on Christmas Eve enjoy […]

A load of old Cobblers

Four reasons to say ‘pollocks’ to supermarket fish   We’re in Cornwall with the freshest fish available to pretty much all of us within a few miles from our local fishmonger, so why do so many people still go to the supermarket and buy tasteless Vietnamese River Cobbler? What is ‘fresh’? Imported fish such as […]

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