Catching a bass is probably on most fishing wish lists.

There are lots of opportunities to fish for bass around Cornwall’s coastline as they are caught all around the coast.

Good bass fishing areas in Cornwall are St Keverne, Coverack, The Roseland, The Lizard and on Cornwall’s north coast off the beaches at Newquay and Porthtowan.

Bass can be found everywhere, in rocky or sandy environments and from deep sea right up to the end of estuaries, meaning that they can be caught using all methods of fishing – spinning, bottom fishing and float fishing.  Your choice of method will depend on your chosen fishing location.



There are restrictions on bass fishing which are periodically changed so please make sure you are aware of the current rules as it’s likely that you will not be able to keep any bass that you catch.   In this case you must adopt a fishing policy of ‘catch and release’ but it’s no problem to get a photo first!


Spinning is a hands on, active fishing method.  A lure or spinner is attached to the line which is then cast out and wound back in to make the lure imitate a swimming fish that a bass will hopefully want to eat!

Mackerel is great bait for bass so a soft lure mimicking a mackerel should work well.  Alternatively, any of the khaki coloured Fiiish Lures are a good choice for bass fishing.

Please see below for our recommended products for spinnng for bass – please click on our links to browse all products suitable for spinning.


As with bottom fishing, this method of fishing uses a baited hook but by using a float mid line, you can decide where your hook is going to stay in the water – as bass swim all over this is a good method and will involve some trail and error to determine the correct depth for a successful catch.  Float fishing is exciting as once the float disappears it’s both hands on the rod & reel ready for the retrieve!

Float fishing for bass is a great choice from rocky headlands or harbour walls but not such a good option for beach fishing.

Please see below for our suggestions below for a fishing rod, reel and tackle to fish for bass by float fishing.  All other suitable products can be viewed by following our links.

Suggested Fishing Equipment for Spinning and Float Fishing for Bass

We have put together a suggested fishing reel, rod, lures and tackle which will give you everything you need to fish for bass using spinning lures or float fishing.  The Great White spinning rod is a fabulous 4 piece carbon rod which not only performs well, but looks great too so you will be the envy of your fishing buddies!  Being 4 piece also means it is a great option for travellers.

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Bottom fishing is where a weight is attached to the line and then bait is put on to the hook.  The line is cast out and the hook drops to the bottom where you will catch species such as flatfish, bass or conger eel.  Once you have cast out,  it’s a waiting game until you see the rod move!  Hopefully this is the sign that a fish has taken the bait and the retrieve begins!

Bottom fishing is a great option if fishing from the beach.

Suggested Fishing Equipment for Bottom Fishing for Bass

10% discount is deducted automatically on all orders over £70