How to Prepare a Cooked Crab

How to clean and pick a crab to remove the meat (dress a crab)

Whether you have caught or bought a live crab and cooked it or whether you have bought a pre-cooked crab, you will now need to remove the meat from the shell.

If your crab is still alive follow these instructions to cook kit:

How to Cook a Live Crab

Once your crab is cooked, if you are using the claws for a seafood platter or salad simply pull them off and save. The meat from the body will need to be removed before it can be used in a recipe. The video below demonstrates how to do this.

How to remove the meat from a cooked Crab


It is necessary to pull the shell off first and remove the parts that are not edible. Full instructions on how to remove the meat from a crab are detailed in our video.

Seafood Tools

Seafood tools specially designed to get in to the awkward areas of the crab make preparing it and eating it a lot easier. We have a full range of seafood utensils in our cook shop including seafood forks, crab and lobster crackers and shellfish tools kits.