Beginners Guide to Buying Fishing Gear ….


We have created this guide for those of you who would like to buy fishing gear to have a go at sea fishing but are unsure which fishing equipment is needed.  A visit to a tackle shop can be mind blowing when faced with so much choice. Our guide will help you choose affordable fishing equipment to get you started – simply follow the prompts.  If you’d like any help at all please call us on 01326 735017

Which Sea Fishing Rod?

There are all sorts of variations of rod types and fishing methods so, in order to keep things as simple as possible to help you choose, we have given our advice based on the most common scenarios and species.

This guide is for sea fishing only and covers the most common species of fish caught around Cornwall’s coastline.  However, this doesn’t make it exclusive to Cornwall.

If you know which type of rod you are looking for please select here….

Do you know which species of fish you are hoping to catch?