When asked which fish a beginner would like to catch, the answer is more often than not, mackerel!

Mackerel can be caught all around Cornwall but some suggestions are: Padstow area headlands, Port Isaac, Boscastle, Mullion, Porthcurno, Lamorna, Sennen, The Lizard, the rocks off Porthtowan, Helford, Mevagissey, St Ives, Kennack Sands, Coverack, Porthleven and Charlestown

Mackerel live just about anywhere and are probably one of the most prolific fish in Cornish waters.  The ideal fishing methods to catch Mackerel are spinning and float fishing.


Spinning is a hands on, active fishing method.  A lure or spinner is attached to the line which is then cast out and wound back in to make the lure imitate a swimming fish that a mackerel will not be able to resist!

As mackerel are one of the easiest fish to catch, you do not need expensive lures as they cheaper metal spinners are just as effective.  An alternative to a single spinner is to cast out a set of feathers which then imitate a shoal of small fish as you reel them in.  This way you can catch multiple mackerel at the same time.

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As with bottom fishing, this method of fishing uses a baited hook but by using a float mid line, you can decide where your hook is going to stay in the water – as bass swim all over this is a good method and will involve some trail and error to determine the correct depth for a successful catch.  Float fishing is exciting as once the float disappears it’s both hands on the rod & reel ready for the retrieve!

Suggested bait for mackerel would be sand eel, worm, prawn or shrimp.

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Suggested Fishing Equipment for Fishing for Mackerel

We have put together a suggested fishing reel, rod, lures and tackle which will give you everything you need to fish for mackerel using spinning lures or float fishing.  The Great White spinning rod is a fabulous 4 piece carbon rod which not only performs well, but looks great too so you will be the envy of your fishing buddies!  Being 4 piece also means it is a great option for travellers.

This rod is also suitable for all sorts of other fishing such as bass fishing so would be a good investment.  If you are looking for a small cheap rod to take on holiday or keep in the car, then one of our 6 piece or telescopic travel rods would be a good option.

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