Our Beginners Guide to Buying Fishing Gear….



The main methods of fishing from a beach are bottom fishing or spinning.

By bottom fishing from the beach you could target all the flatfish species along with bass, cod, dogfish, haddock and whiting.

Spinning from the beach could reward you with bass, mackerel and pollock, amongst others.

If you would like to target mackerel or bass please see our specific guides for these species…


Our Recommendations

Our recommended fishing method for beginners fishing from a beach would be bottom fishing using a beach/surf rod.  Beach Rods are longer and more robust than spinning rods and are therefore better for casting out from the beach.

If you also wish to try spinning from the beach and don’t want to purchase two rods, then we would recommend using the heavier lures (25g and over) – more information about lures can be found on our Guide to Spinning page.