Which Wood Chips Do I Need?

Once you have decided on the flavour of wood chips to use, it is important to purchase the chips or dust that is most suitable for the type of smoker you have.

We supply three different grades of wood chips – dust, fine chips and coarse chips.  We have explained below the differences between them and the ideal uses for each size of wood chip.


Grade 0/20 (less than 2mm)

Wood dust is perfect for cold smokers like the ProQ as it has a slow smoulder.

It is also suitable for hot smoking ovens like the Camerons Mini Oven, Cameron Stovetop Smoker and the Zebco SmokEasy Oven


Grade 7/20 (approx 2mm)

Fine Wood Chips are perfect for all hot smoking ovens including the Camerons Stovetop & Mini Smoking Ovens and the Zebco Smokeasy included in our Complete Smoking Kit

Fine Wood Chips are also suitable for
Food & Cocktail Smoking Guns


Grade 20/160 (average 8mm)

Coarse Wood Chips are perfect for BBQ Smoke Boxes, the Flip Smoke Box & Outdoor Grills

They are also great for sprinkling straight on to charcoal