Our Beginners Guide to Buying Fishing Gear….



To make the best choice of rod it helps if you know what the bottom is in your chosen fishing area.

If you are not sure, our recommended fishing methods for beginners fishing from a harbour wall are spinning or float fishing, both of these can be enjoyed using a spinning rod and the risk of losing fishing gear is then kept to a minimum.

If you would like to target mackerel or bass please see our specific guides for these species…

Row of fishing rods protruding over a stone sea wall at Whitehaven as fishermen enjoy some recreational angling


If the bottom is sandy or fairly rock free then you will have the option to try all fishing methods.  You can enjoy spinning or float fishing and also, in view of the ground, you will also be able to bottom fish to target the species who are found on the bottom such as all the flatfish species.


When fishing over rocks and weeds you are more likely to catch, for example…  wrasse, pollock, bream or conger eel.

The disadvantages of fishing on rough ground is that there is a greater risk of losing your gear such as lures, hooks, weights etc as they get snagged and caught up on the bottom.

Therefore for beginners, bottom fishing is probably only recommended if the ground is sandy.

Our Recommendations

Our recommended fishing methods for beginners fishing from harbour walls are spinning and float fishing.   More information can be found on both of these methods by following the links to our guides.

Both spinning and float fishing can be enjoyed using the same fishing rod and reel so please follow our links to browse the options available.