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Please note that we do not recommend rock fishing for beginners – it is far better to stick to harbour walls and beaches when starting to fish as these are much safer locations.  However, we will detail below the rods suitable for this type of fishing.

The best methods of fishing from the rocks are spinning or float fishing, both of these can be enjoyed using a spinning rod.

If you would like to target mackerel or bass please see our specific guides for these species…


Our Recommendations

Our recommended fishing methods for rock fishing are spinning and float fishing.   More information can be found on both of these methods by following the links to our guides.

Both spinning and float fishing can be enjoyed using the same fishing rod and reel so please follow our links to browse the options available.

Safety First! – when rock fishing we recommend wearing a life jacket.  Always avoid the rocks in bad weather, a wave can suddenly wash you off the rocks without warning.   Whatever fishing you are planning to do, make sure you stay safe around the coast. We have some tips to help you on our coastal safety page.