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Cherry Wood Chips – Coarse


Cherry Wood Chips – Coarse Grade 20/160 (approx 8mm)

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Cherry Wood Chips – Coarse

Coarse Grade 20/160 (average size 8mm)

These are larger Cherry wood chips suitable for all BBQ Smoke Boxes, Flip Smoke Boxes, Outdoor Grills and for sprinkling directly on to charcoal

Please see Which Wood Chips Do I Need?  for more information on the different sizes of wood chips.

Cherry is milder than apple fruit wood but still has a rich and slightly sweet, fruity flavour. It is good for duck breast, fish, chicken and vegetables.

For more details on the different flavours please see our Wood Flavour Guide

These wood chips are chemical free and ground to a consistency that gently smoulders when ignited so a little bit goes a long way

SamplerContains enough wood chips for one smoke using a BBQ smoke box

Supplied in a biodegradable resealable bag – approximate dimensions: 15cm x 10cm

100g – Contains a minimum of 100g of wood chips – suitable for two smokes using a BBQ Smoke Box

Supplied in a biodegradable resealable bag – approximate dimensions: 22cm x 15cm

500g  –  Contains a minimum of 500g of wood chips – suitable for approximately 10 smokes using a BBQ Smoke Box

Supplied in a resealable bag – approximate dimensions: 29cm x 20cm

5 Litres  –  Contains 5 Litres by volume (when packed – some settling may occur)

Supplied in resealable tamper evident white tub with plastic handle


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Sampler (approx 40g), 100g, 300g, 500g, 5L Tub

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