Bait – prawn

Method – baited hook

A good place to catch trigger fish in Cornwall is the area around Porthcurno and Lamorna

oval compressed body with short tapered back leading to a tail fin. Covered in toughened scales. Enlarged head making up a third of the total length. It has small eyes set back from a small mouth which has a large set of sharp teeth. The dorsal fin is in two sections made up of spines that work in unison – the first can not be depressed until the second has done so. This is so that the fish can wedge itself but is also the reason that the fish has it’s name. It is blacky grey and sometimes a bit browny in colour.

Length is 30-40cm

Order – Tetraodantiformes
Latin Name – balistes capriscus
Family – Balistidae

Trigger fish prefer to be in shallow water and can be caught on rocky ground near the bottom.

Trigger Fish is a good eating fish but they are quite boney so need filleting


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