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Zebco Universal Mono Fishing Line


Choice of 4 Sizes

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Zebco Universal Mono Fishing Line

100m / 110yds

A quality line from Zebco – a name you can trust
This is a universal all round line with the qualities you would expect from Trophy line such as high breaking strain and optimum abrasion resistance

Choice of 4 Sizes

Breaking Strain 4.7kg / 10.4lbs – Line Diameter 0.25mm

Great line for light to medium spinning

Breaking Strain 6.6kg / 14.6lbs – Line Diameter 0.30mm

Our recommended line for medium spinning

Breaking Strain 9.2kg / 20.3lbs – Line Diameter 0.35mm

The best choice for heavy spinning or light bottom fishing

Breaking Strain 12.7kg / 28.1lbs – Line Diameter 0.40mm

Ideal line for bottom fishing

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4.7kg / 10.4lbs – 0.25mm, 6.6kg / 14.6lbs – 0.30mm, 9.2kg / 20.3lbs – 0.35mm, 12.7kg / 28.1lbs – 0.40mm

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