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Watersnake 2 Blade Replacement Prop


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Complete Replacement Prop Kit for:

Venom 34lb
Slither 34lb
Tracer 28lb, 30lb & 34lb

Please note: These are NOT suitable for ASP T18 or T24 motors – please see separate listing for mini 2 blade prop.

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Watersnake 2 Blade Propeller

Replacement Prop for Venom 34lb, Slither 34lb, Tracer 28lb, Tracer 30lb and Tracer 34lb Electric Outboard Motor

This Watersnake Propeller Kit includes a 2 blade propeller, propeller nut and shear pins.

It’s wise to keep a spare on board at all times, just in case.

This 2-Blade Kit is suitable for Venom, Slither and Tracer Motors

Full instructions for Prop Replacement are included as can be seen by the image.

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