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Water Woofer Dog Flotation Device / Life Jacket


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Water Woofer Dog Flotation Device (DFD) by Watersnake

The Water Woofer Dog Flotation Device (DFD) is a life jacket for dogs.

Choice of Blue or Lilac

We stock 3 different sizes – please see size chart below for actual measurements – a rough guide is that the Medium would suit a spaniel or cockerpoo sized dog
Larger sizes are available to order.  Please contact us if you require a larger size

Quality Foam for Excellent Buoyancy
Grap Strap
Two D Rings for tethering
Reflective Tape for low light visibility
Easy to put on, adjust and remove

Many dog life jackets do not actually float and wear over time.  This is a quality item designed to keep your dog safe and made to last

It’s a must for any dog owner eager to ensure that their best friend is always safe on the water.  Dogs are usually proficient swimmers, but in many boating situations, safety gear is just as important for dogs as it is for humans.  In fast flowing rivers, on the high seas, or in wide open lakes, canines can tire in the water or be washed away by currents and waves.  A comfortable and form fitting Water Woofer DFD allows canines to safely enjoy a day of sun and spray and provides pet owners with peace of mind.

The Water Woofer DFDs are constructed with high-quality buoyancy foam, include heavy duty buckles and straps and are builty to last.  Each safety jacket features reflective tapes and bright colours for high visibility, a grab strap to hold pets tight in rough conditions, and a handy clip for easy attachment of a dog lead.  They are also easy to fit and adjust for the premium safety and comfort of pets.

Water Woofer Dog Flotation Devices prioritise safety but are fashionable and simple to use.

Size  Body Weight Body Length Chest Size
Extra Small 1-4kg 20-25cm 35-50cm
Small 3-6kg 25-30cm 45-65cm
Medium 5-12kg 30-35cm 50-75cm
Large 10-20kg 35-45cm 60-90cm
Extra Large 20-30kg 45-55cm 75-115cm


Guide to Measuring your Dog
Measuring Body Length

Measure from the base of the neck to the base of the tail.
Keep in mind the jacket will not completely cover long-bodied dogs (corgi, dachshund, etc) which is acceptable as the main girth of the dog will be supported

Measuring Chest Size
Measure the widest part of the ribcage keeping in mind the pet life jacket should be form ­fitting like a human life jacket to provide proper flotation

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X Small, Small, Medium, Large, X Large



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