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Plastimo Childs Lifejacket – 100N


A quality lifejacket from a trusted brand!

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Plastimo Childs Lifejacket – 100N

100 N category lifejacket for children and babies. Self-righting capacity, keeps the child’s head well out of the water.

Includes whistle, grab handle and loop for harnesses

This lifejacket has no zip but has two strong buckles instead allowing for greater flexibility for adjusting to size

A large strap goes between the childs legs and secures at the front ensuring that the life jacket is securely kept in place.

Buoyancy : polyethylene foam. Buoyancy is higher than the minimum required by official standards (transcends minimum requirements by 30 %).
Large roll-around collar with increased buoyancy providing added comfort and improved head support.

For toddlers, and indeed for most children, Plastimo recommends this traditional foam flotation lifejacket : your child is literally bundled up in a protection shell. While its primary function is to provide flotation, its foam volume acts as a real bumper, protecting the child from hard knocks ; also, it definitely slows down the movements of an inquisitive and adventurous brood, which some parents may find comforting !

Size Guide

Plastimo Extra Small (XS) – Weight Rating: 3-8kg Age Guide: Baby / Toddler 0-2 years

Plastimo Small (S) – Weight Rating: 8-15kg Age Guide: Child 1 – 5 years

Plastimo Medium (M) – Weight Rating: 15-30kg Age Guide: Child 4 – 10 years

Plastimo Large (L) – Weight Rating: 30-40kg Age Guide: Child 8 – 12 years

Buoyancy Explained

All lifejackets and PFDs (personal flotation devices) must conform to ISO 12402 in order to be sold in the UK. In order to conform to these strict standards a PFD must have a buoyancy rating of 50 Newtons (50N) and a lifejacket must have a minimum rating of 100 Newtons (100N).

The Newtons represent the force that pushes a person to the surface of the sea. All of this Plastimo range of jackets are rated at 100N so are categorised as lifejackets rather than buoyancy aids. This means that they will provide enough buoyancy to position and maintain an incapacitated wearer with their head out of the water so that they can breathe.

Where you see 100/30N this means that the lifejacket actually has 30N but due to the much smaller weight of a baby or toddler it is proportionally similar to the effect of a 100N jacket worn by an adult

If you would like help deciding which size you need please call us

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XS – 3 to 8kg / 0-2 years, S – 8 to 15kg / 1-5 years, M – 15 to 30kg / 4-10 years, L – 30 to 40kg / 8-12 years

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