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Jarvis Walker Razor back Squid Rig- with Back Spikes


1 per pack


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Jarvis Walker Razor Back Lumo Belly Squid Jig

Pink in colour

Jarvis Walker has done extensive research on the feeding habits of squid in various conditions and locations. As a result, they have proven that squid attack by extending their two tentacle and wrap them around the middle of the fish, not around the head as was once thought.

Armed with this information they experimented with different styles and came up with this stunning almost lethal weapon – The RAZORBACK!

This squid jig is so effective that nearly every squid that touched it was instantly hooked. To induce attack Jarvis Walker have come up with a Lumo belly that is almost irresistible to any squid and can actually trigger a feeding frenzy.

Let the results speak for themselves. The Lumo belly is highly attractive to squid and the razor sharp pins set in the back will be their downfall and your success.

The Lure measures approx. 14cm

This is a perfect gift any budding fisherman.

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