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Flip n Easy BBQ Basket


Fabulous large non-stick bbq basket that is ideal for fish dishes like salmon and veggies and is also great for cooking mussels


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Flip n Easy BBQ Basket

Load up with your favourite vegetables or seafood and get grilling!

The Flip ‘n’ Easy Grilling basket is a fantastic bbq accessory. It is perfect for all small foods that often get lost to the flames as they fall through the bbq grate. This grilling basket has a simple, easy to use locking mechanism that means your food remains in place during cooking and allows you to easily turn the food – quickly. The basket can easily be adjusted up and down to accommodate for different sized foods.

The Flip ‘n’ Easy Grilling basket has a professional non-stick coating and the handle is heat resistant. This grilling basket is dishwasher safe and even better, has a detachable handle so it takes up less room both in the dishwasher and storage in the cupboard.


Product width 340 mm
Product length 620 mm
Product depth or height 80 mm
Product weight 350 grams
The basket measures 340mm x 340mm and 80mm deep. The length includes the handle. The wire gauge is 2mm thick.

Additional information

Weight 1010 g

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