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Deluxe Sea Fishing Kit


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Deluxe Sea Fishing Kit

Luxury Sea Fishing Starter Kit

Everything you need for fishing from a pier, harbour, boat or beach

IDEAL LUXURY TRAVEL KIT for Holiday Fishing Trips

High Quality Equipment for Sea Fishing – ideal deluxe travel kit or starter kit – Bespoke Kit designed for fishing around the UK Coastline

The stylish white and black Great White rod and reel combo will make you the envy of the harbour wall or rocks!

Our Deluxe Sea Fishing Kit includes:


Vinyl base makes it durable and waterproof
Size 45 x 50 x 27
Main Compartment: 32.8 litres
Top Compartment: 6.2 litres
Side Compartments: 2.4 litres each
Front Compartment: 6.7 litres
Overall: 50.5 litres

1 x Zebco Great White 4pc Carbon Spinning Rod 2.4m

Light, slender, powerful and ultra-robust – all great attributes of this new Great White fishing rod.

This is a 100% carbon rod – it is very slender and light in the hand.

This is a four piece spinning rod is for light sea fishing and would be ideal to catch mackerel, pollock or cod. These robust rods can absorb the powerful attacks of predators with ease.

Brand: Zebco – Great White
Rod name: Great White GWC Travel Sea Spin
Pieces: 4
Length ft / m: 8ft / 2.4m
Closed length: 65cm
Casting weight: 80-100g
Material: Carbon
Colour: Stylish White and Black

This carbon rod can be used from a boat, the beach, the rocks or a jetty.


4 Sections

8ft / 2.4m

1 x Zebco Great White 450 Reel

Affordable yet superlative sea reel with the versatility to cover all major types of angling. Finished with indestructible nylon housing and metal components for optimum power.

This is a great reel for saltwater fishing and is not only a fantastic spinning reel but can also be used for multiple other fishing methods.

· Balanced rotor, producing silky smooth action
· Graphite Body
· Finely adjustable large surface front drag
· CNC stainless steel handle
· Anti-twist line roller
· Powerful gears
· Aluminium spool
· Spare spool
· S-curve line distribution
· Continuous anti-reverse

Gear Ratio: 4.8:1
Retrieve: 81cm
Ball Bearings: 4
Drag (Front) 8.2kg / 18lbs
Weight: 375g


Trophy Universal Fishing Line
Quantum Waterproof Tackle Box
Zebco Waterproof Head Lamp
Zebco Solid Wood and Brass Priest
WSB Wonder Tool
Sea Angling Book
Zebco Digital Scale (including batteries)
Pair of Storm 360GT Coastal Weedless Shads
Fiiish Black Minnow 25g Khaki Combo
WSB Tackle Coloured Mackerel Feathers
WSB Tackle White Mackerel Feathers
Zebco Tall Flyer
Mistrall Spinner
Zebco Universal Rig
Zebco Herring Leader
WSB Paternoster Rig
Rapala Blue Jointed Plug
Pencil Float
Full Float Kit
Pack of Barrel Swivels
Ball Weight
1oz and 2oz Bomb Weights
Pack of 20 Mixed Beads
Pack of Baitholder Hooks
Pack of Aberdeen Hooks
Waterproof Fish Species Guide

This is a kit full of high quality items, enabling any method of sea fishing in style!

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Weight 2200 g

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