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Crazy Sand Eel Combo Off Shore – 10G – Kaki


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Crazy Sand Eel Combo Off Shore – 10G – Kaki

CRAZY SAND EEL mimic the swimming action of a live sand eel through a patented swimming action.

This listing is for a Crazy Sand Eel OFF SHORE – (please see separate listings for our SHORE lures)

SHORE – Cast & Retrieve – Ideal for lighter styles of fishing where a quieter approach is required in shallower water.

OFF SHORE – Cast & Retrieve – The offshore head is the most versatile in the range. It can be fished either in a simple cast-retrieve style, sink and draw or simply vertically


Scented Lure Body

The body of the Crazy Sand Eel is infused with a proven formula using Anise.


2 x complete fully assembled, pre-rigged lures which are ready to fish. Both khaki

Incredibly popular lures by Fiiish Leurres which are rapidly becoming THE ultimate lures to use amongst Bass fishermen! Also a proven lure for other predatory fish.

These lures are available to buy in parts so that you can purchase either the weighted heads, the hooks or just the bodies.

Length 10cm

NB Rattle not included in this size

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