Bait – mackerel, sand eel, crab, mussels, worm, prawns

Method – float fish

Good places to catch wrasse in Cornwall are Boscastle & Tintagel, the rocks off Porthtowan, Cape Cornwall, Mullion, Mevagissey, Charlestown, the rocks between Mousehole and Newlyn, Kennack Sands, Coverack

Stocky fish with large head, relatively small mouth but with large thick lips. Long dorsal fin with about twenty spines. Large body scales and a speckled body colouration which can be anything from green to reddish brown. Small white spots all over.

Length is 60cm

April – August

Order – Perciformes
Latin Name – labrus bergylta
Family – Labroidei

Wrasse like weedy, rocky bottoms and can be found off harbour walls and rocks.

Wrasse is perfectly edible but can be prone to worms and are therefore, best released


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