Bait – mackerel, squid

Method – weighted hook

Good places to catch conger in Cornwall are the rocks between Mousehole & Newlyn, Mevagissey, Sennen, Mullion, Lizard, rocks off Porthtowan, Tintagel & Trebarwith Strand and some very large ones can be caught off the headlands around Cape Cornwall.

Long eel shaped with scaleless skin. Charcoal grey colour with pale belly. The edges of the dorsal and anal fins are black. Extremely sharp teeth and strong jaws. These fish will stay alive for long periods out of the water.

Length is 2m

Order – Apodes
Latin Name – conger conger
Family – Congridae

Conger live in kelp, rocky gullies, wrecks, holes in harbour walls. They are mainly caught at night as they are night feeders.

Conger is edible but not particularly popular as an eating fish


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