Bait – worm, crabs, mackerel

Method – baited hooks, feathers, jigs, lures

** NB There are restrictions on bass fishing which are periodically changed so please make sure you are aware of the current rules from the MMO **

Bass are caught all around Cornwall but some really good bass fishing areas are St Keverne, Coverack, The Roseland, The Lizard and on the north coast off the beaches at Newquay and Porthtowan

Streamlined body with a slightly enlarged head. Relatively small eyes. Body and head have large scales – back is bluish grey with silvery grey sides and white belly. Very sharp gill covers and spiny dorsal fins.

Length is 1m

March – June

Order – Perciformes
Latin Name – dicentrarchus labrax
Family – Serranidae

Bass can be found everywhere, in rocky or sandy environments and from deep sea right up to the end of estuaries. They will follow the tide up into tidal estuaries.

Bass is an excellent eating fish and is very popular


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