Enjoy Eating Shellfish

A guide on how to tackle a seafood platter including how to eat a crab claw, how to eat lobster in it’s shell, how to peel a prawn and how to eat a mussel.

We have met many people who have said how they would love to order shellfish in a restaurant but are reluctant to because they are not sure how to eat it. This is especially true for seafood platters where you have a variety of different shellfish to eat.

On this page we will demonstrate how to eat lobster, crab, mussels and prawns so that these wonderful foods can be enjoyed by everybody.

All the tools and utensils required to eat shellfish are available in our cook shop. This includes all items being used in the videos below.

How to eat a Lobster

shellfishkitThe meat in the tail of a lobster is easy to pull out and can all be eaten.

Use crackers to crack the claws and then pull apart. Using a lobster pick dig out the meat from the claw. The meat in the small legs can be squeezed out.

How to eat a Crab Claw

kcseaforks¢—ÊIf you have crab on a shellfish platter then it will normally be the claws and occasionally the legs too. The meat from the body of the crab is normally removed for you before serving a crab. See our section on preparing a crab for more details.

How to peel or shell Prawns

Whole prawns became very popular a few years ago with introduction of dishes in pubs and restaurants such as ‘a pint of prawns’ or ‘a bucket of prawns’. The larger king prawns or tiger prawns are easier to peel. However, even small prawns are pretty easy to eat as demonstrated in this video.

How to eat Mussels

Eating mussels is very much hands on. It would be extremely difficult to use a fork! The video below shows a couple of ways to use an empty mussel shell as an eating implement. With a bowl of mussels such as the Mussels with Garlic and White Wine recipe in our seafood recipes section, it is a good idea to serve some nice crusty bread to dip into the lovely sauce.




Why not serve your mussels in a special mussel pot – the lid can be used to put the empty shells in.


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