Boscastle & Tintagel

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The name Boscastle originated from a 12th Century fortress called Botreaux Castle. Unfortunately there are very few remains left today. Boscastle is a natural inlet forming a harbour area – this is protected by two staggered harbour walls.

Boscastle became a famous landmark on 16 August 2004 when a devasting flash flood occured causing extensive damage. Helicopters had to be used to rescue people trapped by the floods, as can be seen on the photo on the right (courtesy of The Telegraph)


Trevalga is a hamlet which is actually owned by Marlborough College. Trevalga made the news in 2010 as the College were told that they were contravening the Charity Commissions guidelines by owning such a large estate.


The College therefore made plans to sell the village causing uproar amongst it’s residents who were worried about the outcome. This was known as the ‘Battle of Trevalga’. The sale is currently on hold.

Sea Fishing in the Boscastle area

Fishing from the rocks around Boscastle, expect to catch mackerel, pollack, wrasse and cod.

Festivals and Regattas in the Boscastle area

Boscastle Food Festival

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Up until the mid 19th Century Tintagel was known as Trevena. Tintagel and Tintagel Castle are associated with the legends of King Arthur and the knights of the Round Table and is a very popular tourist place with people visiting from all over the world.

Trebarwith Strand

Trebarwith Strand is a couple of miles south of Tintagel. It has a large sandy beach which is over ¾ kilometer long. The beach is interspered with large areas of rock and is surrounded by impressive cliffs containing caves.


Surfing is popular at Trebarwith Strand.

Sea Fishing in the Tintagel area

Around this area you can catch congor if fishing at night. During the daytime you should be able to catch decent sized pollack, mackerel, flat fish and dogfish.

Festivals and Regattas in the Tintagel area

Tintagel Carnival Week

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